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No pitThe lift can be installed directly onto the floor, which avoids the cost of excavating a shaft under the floor level.
No shaftThe lift is supplied as complete unit together with the shaft made of aluminum, glass, and powder-coated steel.
No Machine
Thanks to screw-drive technology the overhead is only 2200 mm.
The sensors all around the platform eliminate the need for a full cabin; doors can be placed at three different sides as per your choice. Opposite or adjacent.
PanoramicThe elevator can be fully panoramic or partially; as per your choice.
Basic powerThe lift works with any power (220 V Or 380 soft starts and stops). The electrical consumption is lesser than iron consumption.
In case of power or lift failures, the passengers can be evacuated easily from the lift by a battery lowering device, manual crank, or a master key.
ColoringAll lift parts can be colored.
Door safetyDoor concealed lock makes the lift extremely safe.
Smart SizesHome lifts and commercial lifts are available in several sizes, which will almost fit in every location. Several sizes fit wheelchair users and service tables.
No spaceIn most cases clients place the lift between or next to the stairs or in any free area. However, making a cut in the ceiling is an option where other options are not available.
Exterior ChoiceExterior lifts are always a choice when there is no place for the lift inside.
CommunicateA phone, intercom, and GSM can be installed in the lift for communication between passengers and outsiders.
LockingLocking system, keys or smart cards, can be placed at the doors, to prevent unauthorized people from using the lift.
CertifiedComplies with Swedish, European, and Saudi standards
The "smart elevator" installation usually takes few days only. The electrical lift comes ready from Sweden for direct fixings as per the approved drawings. No welding or cutting or hazards to users.