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The smart elevator is extremely safe. All lifts comes with the following basic safeties:

SensorsAll the outer edges of the platform have a flexible safety frame that immediately stops the lift when touched
CrankEasily evacuate passengers in case of power/lift failure.
Equipped with an emergency stop and alarm.
Emergency light running on separate battery in case of power/lift failure.
LockThe smart lift have a concealed lock system.
VVVFAll lifts are supplied with soft start and stop inverter.
The speed is limited to ensure that the lifts start ,stop, movements is smooth to all types of users.
StopStop The passenger can stop the lift via the emergency stop button.

The following extra safety options can be ordered in addition to above:

BatteryEmergency lowering device battery for evacuating passengers.
Lock systemDoor lock system by using smart cards or keys to prevent un authorized use/misuse of the lift.
CommunicationA phone, intercom, or GSM can be ordered with Smart Elevator to enable passenger to communicate with outside.
door openers
Automatic door openers make the doors open automatically when the push button is pressed.
call buttons
Combined with automatic door openers can be used instead of push buttons, to facilitate the opening of doors.
Fire ratedFire rated doors and shaft can be ordered.