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We have a variety of lifts sizes, loads, and options for the interior and exterior use:

Home ElevatorsFor palaces, villas, multi story apartments, and farms.
Medical UsesClinics and hospitals elevators; with sizes that can fits patient bed
Showroom elevator, restaurant elevators, offices, etc.
Cabin LiftPopular features of the cabin lift adapted for use with a platform lift
Service LiftsFor heavy loads of people and goods starting from 300 Kilos up to 1000 Kilos.
Wheelchairs lifts with the following advantages:
  • Lift size fits the wheelchair user and a companion.
  • Entry and exit doors can be opposite.
  • Large and low positioned call buttons, including alarm buttons and phone.
  • Doors can open by remote control.
  • Panoramic shaft for visibility and support.
  • No ceiling for cooler environment and phobia free feeling.
Ramp PlatformsTo access straight stairs up to 3 meters only.
Stair LiftWeather the stair is straight or curved. Easily fixed at the stairs.